The Most Important Resolution You Can Make This Year

Happy New Year! We are on the second day of the 2016 and no doubt by now countless people have made their resolutions for this year. And it is likely that some have already given up on it.

We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like. For many of us it is our weight and so we dutifully resolve to lose weight this year like we have every other year. We so want this to happen and all of the companies who want to help us are filling our television screens with their ads. We have seen it all before. We start out so determined and then somewhere along the way we go off the rails.

If you have run off the rails more than a few times I am right there with you. Every diet works, more or less. But deep down inside we all know that eating less and exercising more works. We just don’t always do it. So each year we become more resolute than the past year when we gained instead of lost.

We also know that our addictions or lack of motivation goes deeper than decisions to lose weight made when we are just one more Christmas cookie away from all of the buttons on our clothing popping all at once. Have you ever noticed how much determination you have to lose weight when you can barely move after one more holiday feast? We are all brave then. But then the first of January rolls around (and so do we by then) and we are not really feeling it. So what happened?

I am not a doctor or a psychologist or a scientist. But here is what I think is going on. Our resolve to lose weight is likely not based on loving ourselves. It is far more likely that we are making those resolutions out of contempt for ourselves complete with recriminations, guilt, shame and fear. And we know that does not work. Oh, it may work for a while but not for long usually.

My resolution this year is to love the parts of me that I think are unlovable and that includes my weight. I have never done this before and I cannot promise where it leads. What I do know is that the most powerful weapon we have is love. And maybe it is high time we aimed it at ourselves. And whatever your issue or addiction is I invite you to join me.

Lynn Everard

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical or psychological professional and the contents of this blog and its posts are not to prescribe cures or solutions. The reader assumes all responsibility for using the contents for his or her own edification.