When You Lose Your Job

As I write this post today I am reminded of the friends and many former coworkers who lost their jobs over the past month when the company we all used to work for closed down. Others have also lost jobs through no fault of their own. These events are a shock to the system, a kick in the gut to the emotions and bring the mental disorientation of being hit by the proverbial truck. Even if we knew the company was in trouble or if we knew the loss was coming it still almost impossible to prepare one’s self for the raging torrent of second guessing everything about ourselves. Did we do something wrong to deserve this? Are we good enough or capable enough to find our next job? What about all of the other people we are “competing with” in the job market? The questions seem to have no end. And even though we know that many of the questions won’t be helpful to us we feel compelled to ask them anyway.

So since we are going to ask questions, why not ask questions that will help prepare us for what is next in our lives? For example, is there something much better out there for me that I would never have found because I was just so comfortable where I was? We all know people who dislike their jobs but stay because they are afraid to leave.

I was laid off from that same company ten months ago. When that happened I knew two things. The first was that it was time to leave but I held on to what I thought was safe and secure. The second was that there truly was something better for me out there if I could just stop the chorus of couldas, wouldas and shouldas reverberating in my head just long enough to listen to that still small voice in my heart. Whether you call that voice God or Source or the Universe or the Light does not matter. What matters is that you get quiet and take the time to listen.

When you listen with your heart you will know deep inside your self that there is a beautiful gift hidden within the confusion and disorientation of job loss. That gift is in being reconnected to your self, to the essence of who you really are. It is the part that is easy to forget about when we are wrapped up in the world that we think is safe and secure. When we lose that connection to our true selves: our souls, we are not really living. We just think we are.

When we are connected to ourselves and our source of guidance we realize that we did not lose a job. We gained a second chance at the life we were meant to have.

“Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.”- Shinedown

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Lynn Everard

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical or psychological professional and the contents of this blog and its posts are not to prescribe cures or solutions. The reader assumes all responsibility for using the contents for his or her own edification.

4 thoughts on “When You Lose Your Job

  1. Lisa Schamback

    Hi Lynn! I sure enjoyed reading your article and look forward to following your blog. You are a talented writer. You should write a book!!! From your “old” classmate, Lisa Grau Schamback

  2. http://bit.ly/1EjTZpt Hey Lynn… enjoyed your blog. Let me know if you would like updates because the battle continues… I wanted you to know that your vision of 25 years has been viewed by 100s of 1,000s & possibly millions of healthcare professionals, policy makers, legislators and news organization… Your good work continues to provide guidance for healthcare worldwide and I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to work with Lynn to do so! Samuel Lipari Founder, Medical Supply Chain

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