Connection vs. Disconnection

We live in an amazing age. We are surrounded by technological advancement. We can use our thumbs to send a text message to almost anyone in seconds. We have friends on Facebook and professional contacts on LinkedIn. Many of us post every boring detail of our lives while we spend our “free” time looking for more ways to convince the rest of the world, and maybe ourselves, that we are far from ordinary. We are truly unique….just like everyone else. Yet with all of this technology we are less connected and more alone than ever. Let’s face it. The vast majority of our online friends would be unlikely to come rushing to our aid in the midst of a personal crisis. That does not make them bad people. At the same time we are so busy that we barely have time for even electronic connection. Who does not get hundreds of emails a day between work and home? And how much time to spend reading and sorting and filing and responding to all those emails?

So here we are with all of our Facebook likes and friends, LinkedIn contacts and whatever we call all of the rest of the people we “connect” with online. Yet for some reason many people feel isolated, alone and disconnected! Maybe all of these modern day conveniences were never meant to replace meeting in person or talking on the phone. We have greatly expanded our reach with technology but we have not increased our connection with others. There is simply no substitute for human contact, both in person and over the phone. Our technology allows us to transmit information to each other but it does a very poor job of establishing and maintaining emotional connection. And guys, the women in our lives want and need our presence and our attention. They might want a few facts and figures but what they really need is us.  I am personally guilty of being an over user of text messaging. A great text message is nice here and there. But connection requires healthy amounts of voice to voice and person to person communication. And it is not just women who need this. We need it too guys. If we are human, we need it. We can improve our own lives and the people around us by connecting more in person and on the phone.

Why not make it a daily practice to reach out and touch someone, (not just the keys on your cell phone!)? And if you are not sure that the women in your life would prefer a call or a face to face meeting over an email go ahead and ask them.

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